White Wedding Shatter UK


THC 74.00 – 82.00%



White Wedding Shatter UK

White Wedding Shatter UK has been crafted for those who want to bring their experiences with Msiku’s products to the next level. Our shatter delivers thoughtfully curated earthy aromatics from our White Wedding flower. The extraction process has elevated these flavors as they express the perfect marriage of Wedding Cake x GSC genetics in the White Wedding strain. With high terpene and cannabinoid concentrations, we have maintained the integrity of the strain in true Msiku fashion by staying focused on quality through every step of the process. This superior shatter product is meticulously concentrated at ultra-low temperatures to deliver a harmonious entourage of caryophyllene, myrcene, and other true-to-strain terpenes of the White Wedding genetic in a clean, powerful, and dab-able extract with high THC ranges. As always pesticide free.


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