Northern Standard CO2 Distillate Cartridge




Northern Standard CO2 Distillate Cartridge Online

Northern Standard CO2 Distillate Cartridge online extraction artists have outdone themselves with the Native Elite line of CO2 vape oils. Native Elite oils are engineered to provide the cleanest connoisseur-grade concentration of active cannabinoids and native terpenes available on the market. Potent, with lasting effect. Extracted only from the highest quality, organically grown, award-winning cannabis strains, using proprietary helium and CO2-based extraction methods, then removing the inert compounds.
 Most competing brands of cannabis oil on the market today, use no foreign terpenes, or synthetic flavorings. Propylene glycol, butane, propane, or other toxic solvents of any kind in our production process.
Northern Standard oils contain only cannabinoids and terpenes found in the source cannabis plant. Giving you an all-natural experience with flavor and effect like no other. That’s the Northern Standard.


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