Manali Cream Hash UK



Manali Cream Hash UK

Manali Cream Hash UK, Manali is one of the oldest villages in India, and it’s revered for its hashish. Located in the district of Kullu, Manali has its own language, which is believed to be a mixture of Tibetan and Sanskrit. Growing and processing cannabis is one of the main sources of income for the 1,500 residents of the village.

The hash produced in Manali is known as Manali Cream, which is considered a delicacy throughout India and even internationally. In Amsterdam, for example, Manali Cream sells for anywhere between 20 and 30 euros.

Manali Cream is made like charas, by rubbing live cannabis buds between the hands to create a thick resin. The result is a black hash that’s soft when fresh and hardens over time. Its flavors and aromas are very reminiscent of fresh cannabis buds. Like charas, this is a mild hash that makes for a delicious and smooth smoke, without the spice you’d find in Afghani or Lebanese varieties.



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