Kurupts Moon rocks Online UK


17 to 28 percent THC


Kurupts Moon rocks Online UK

Kurupts Moon rocks Online UK, Our special moonrocks or lunar rocks hit hard and evenly. It’s a great relaxant and is best for creativity, in fact, they will send you to space.

These amazing weed strains are made from carefully selected Indica-dominant strains. Moon rocks are favored worldwide for their extensive powers to alleviate bodily pains and simultaneously excite the brain.

Kurupts Moonrocks;

It washes away depressive episodes just as well as relieves long-challenging back pains.
We’re talking three times as potent as your typical top-shelf dispensary flowers, it’s no wonder people are calling moon rocks “the strongest marijuana strain in the world” and “the best high on Earth.
This special weed strain is achieved by dipping Girl scout cookies in oil and kief in turns. The resulting strain hits very hard and has a long-lasting effect clocking up to and over 67% THC content.


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