Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash UK



Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash UK

Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash UK the term “kif” is frequently used for the flower, i.e. the hashish. In the West, “kif” is often used for the special Moroccan blonde hashish. When the milder leaves are used, this is called “habisha”, which would resemble marijuana. In Morocco, the production is estimated to cover an area of 600 km², and contribute to the national economy with about US$2 billion annually and growing, equaling 6% of GNP (most of this revenue is however not included in the official GNP).

Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

Honey Moroccan is one of the finest Moroccan Hash available currently. It is lightly aromatic with a hint of spice that produces a cerebral and active high.


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