Hash Plant Marijuana Strain UK


THC: 13% – 19%

Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy
May Relieve
ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress


Hash Plant Marijuana Strain UK

Hash Plant Marijuana Strain UK is a 90% indica resulting from the blending of 2 legendary strains: Afghani and Northern Lights. It is a popular strain, especially amongst those who like to make hash and is well known for its renowned medicinal qualities — offering relief to many patients suffering from various chronic illnesses.

Hash Plant Weed Strain also known as “Hashplant,” is an Indica marijuana strain bred by Sensi Seeds. According to growers, Hash Plant stays compact during her extra-short flowering time. Her tight, resin-drenched flower clusters develop a brittle surface when dried and give off a deep, rich Afghani aroma that’s undercut with a hint of hashish. When consumed, her dominant flavor is the spicy-sharp bite of smouldering resin glands. The instant vaporization of those layers of sparkling trichomes accelerates Hash Plant’s rapid, blissful, and breathtakingly powerful body stone. This 90% Indica is the product of careful genetic selection, a process that involved matching the mysterious Hash Plant original from the U.S. with Northern Lights.


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