Gorilla Berry Pre-Rolls Joints UK


THC 22.00 – 28.00%



Gorilla Berry Pre-Rolls Joints UK

After testing hundreds of Gorilla Berry seedlings for terpenes, bud structure, and potency, GreenSeal’s genetic selection program discovered this true unicorn combining the sweet, fruity flavors of blueberries and citrus with high THC potential. Upon opening a container, the sensation is the unforgettable smell of a freshly baked blueberry pie cooling on the windowsill. The rich mix of terpenes (headlined by tart pinene and balanced with peppery caryophyllene and musky myrcene) mingle to impart more subtle earthy/spicy flavors beneath the sweet berry overtones. GreenSeal’s pre-rolls use unbleached Dutch paper cones designed with a slim profile for a longer, smoother, consistent burn. Each pre-roll contains top-shelf flowers and is packaged and sealed by hand to ensure freshness and quality.


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