Gelato Mint Pre-Roll UK


THC 21.00 – 27.00%



Gelato Mint Pre-Roll UK

Gelato Mint Pre-Roll UK is an Indica-dominant strain of cannabis that produces elevated levels of THC and Terpenes. As the name suggests, Gelato Mint smells like a fresh mint dessert with strong pepper notes and earthy pine undertones. Expect an overpowering smell the moment the pre-roll pack is opened. Gelato Mint has become a sought-after genetic largely due to its mint flavors that are noticeably present from inhale to exhale. Tribal Gelato Mint pre-rolls are produced with nothing but hang-dried, slow-cured, whole buds which have been consistently ground, and wrapped in premium RAW Classic cones. Enjoy five pre-rolls packaged in our improved airtight, eco-friendly aluminum tubes.




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