g pen gio battery UK



  • Battery Type Internal
  • Battery Capacity 180mAh
  • Charge Time 1-2 Hours
  • Charger Type Micro-USB


g pen gio battery UK

g pen gio battery UK is one of the better proprietary oil vaporizers that I’ve tried because of how cool it looks and the great flavor quality. The cartridge variety isn’t as good as it is with 510 cartridges but it is still pretty solid, with a lot of great strains to choose from

g pen gio is designed for exclusive interface with G Pen Gio Cartridges (sold separately); the temperature is optimized for the delivery of smooth hits and maximum vapor.

How do I know when my G Pen Gio Battery is fully charged? Once the G Pen Gio Battery is approaching a full charge, the “G” light on the front of the unit will begin flashing. The unit is fully charged once the flashing ends, and the light turns off.


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