Comatose Shatter Online UK


1 Gram


Comatose Shatter Online UK

Comatose Shatter Online UK is a more sleepy type of OG Kush, often found in Canada by Mainland Cannabis. This Indica-dominant strain is reported to be a cross of OG Kush and another strain, likely a heavy indica. Comatose OG should have OG Kush’s dense, resinous look, piney, musky smell, and strong, THC-driven effects; this strain will only have trace levels of CBD. Sometimes abbreviated as just “Comatose,” there’s also a Coma Cookies from Enlightened Genetics that crosses GSC and Bruce Banner 2.0. And since “comatose” can describe the sleepy effects of cannabis, many things might be labeled with that moniker. Consumers report using Comatose OG for anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep, and stress.


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