Cannalope Kush BHO Wax UK


1 gram

THC Level : 84 %


Cannalope Kush BHO Wax UK

Cannalope Kush BHO Wax UK Online from DNA Genetics mixes the powerful effects of OG #18 with the sweet fruity flavors of Cannalope Haze. Though it is sativa-dominant, many enjoy the balancing act of the underlying indica influence. This hybrid delivers a pleasant light smoke with woody undertones alongside an energetic burst of cerebral activity and euphoria.

Cannalope Kush is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. It is a cross of the classic OG #18 X Cannalope Haze strains. This bud is infamous for its tasty fruity kush flavor and myriad daytime wake-and-bake effects. As its name suggests, this bud has a sweet flavor that’s very tropical and fruity with a hint of earthy kush and pine. The aroma has a slight pungency to it, with sandalwood, citrus, and sweet kush. Cannalope Kush has a classic Sativa high that’s focused primarily on the mind, although it throws in an added body relaxation effect.


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