Blue Dream Strain UK


THC 18%CBD 0%

Blue Dream helps with

  • Stress
    38% of people say it helps with Stress
  • Anxiety
    31% of people say it helps with Anxiety
  • Depression
    28% of people say it helps with Depression


Blue Dream Strain UK

Blue Dream Strain UK is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. This strain produces a balanced high, along with effects such as cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation. Blue dream is 18% THC but has a low CBD percentage, making this potent strain a fan favorite of both novice and veteran cannabis consumers. In terms of flavor, Blue Dream is reported to smell and taste like sweet berries.

Medical marijuana patients often use Blue Dream to treat symptoms of depressionchronic pain, and nausea. According to home grow enthusiasts, this strain has an average flowering time of 67 days and is best suited to grow using the Sea of Green method. Blue Dream originated in California and has since achieved legendary status among West Coast strains and has quickly become one of the most-searched-for strains in the Leafly database.


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