Blackberry Gelato Pre-Rolls UK


THC 20.00 – 27.00%



Blackberry Gelato Pre-Rolls UK

Blackberry Gelato Pre-Rolls UK smells like a freshly-iced blackberry strudel – fruit-forward, with undertones of fuel, Canadian maple, and mulled spices. A crowd favorite with a caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile to add a hint of black pepper and spice. Limonene, farnesene, and linalool exaggerate the light-but-fruity overall flavor, rounded out with myrcene. The ripe flowers are round, very dense, and sticky – especially once cured. Visually, they’re a West Coast Rainforest-green, with hints of dark purple throughout, contributing to the cultivar’s name. This in-house bred cultivar is the result of a cross between a Jordan Of The Islands Blackberry Kush & Jet Fuel Gelato, and an ensuing pheno-hunt to curate the ideal flower for the pre-roll market.


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