BC Trees Organic Oil Cartridge Online


1g(1 gram)


BC Trees Organic Oil Cartridge Online UK

Enjoy some of the finest organic Indica’s in one session. Organic Pink, Death Bubba, MKU and Nuken make this a true West Coast Indica blend. We love each strain but this mix is something very special. Taste the overlapping strains taking their turn on your pallet. Sit back, relax and enjoy the downtime.

BC Trees offers a brand new look with its premium Organic CO2 extracted oil for vaping and grows all of its own plants using a completely organic Destiny Grow System. This method of growing is 100% organic throughout the entire grow cycle and do not use any chemical pesticides. Harvested plants are hung dry using the cold cure method. With the cold cure, plants are hung in a cold environment which takes up to three weeks or more to fully dry ensuring maximum terpene preservation as well as the highest quality and flavor possible.

Available in 8 distinct flavors:

  • Organic Zurple (Indica)
  • Organic Death Bubba (Indica)
  • Organic Pink Kush (Indica)
  • Organic Goldengoat (Sativa)
  • Organic Lava Lamp (Indica)
  • Organic Magic Jack (Sativa)
  • Organic Sour Diesel (Sativa)
  • Indica Blend (Indica)


100% Organic BC Bud CO2 extracted cannabis oil

Additional information

Bc Trees Flavors

Indica Blend (Indica), Organic Death Bubba (Indica), Organic Goldengoat (Sativa), Organic Lava Lamp (Indica), Organic Magic Jack (Sativa), Organic Pink Kush (Indica), Organic Sour Diesel (Sativa), Organic Zurple (Indica)


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