950 Series Honey Grapefruit Pre-Roll


THC 24.00 – 30.00%



950 Series Honey Grapefruit Pre-Roll

950 Series Honey Grapefruit Pre-Roll is a hybrid cross between Grapefruit Cookies and Pugsbreath f2 / Mendobreath f4. They have a THC potency of up to 30% with a honey aroma and boast a grape-like flavor. The cutting edge of Ancient Technology, Kolab Project pre-rolls always use premium flowers and are machine rolled in striking, smooth-burning black hemp paper. Every pack of Kolab Project pre-rolls is packaged in a biodegradable carton with a post-consumer waste recyclable tray. To ensure the highest quality smoke each and every time, each pack has a freshness seal that can be resealed after opening.


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