Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Marijuana Delivery in UK

Do you accept credit/debit cards for marijuana purchases?

We do not accept credit or debit cards at the moment because some dishonest customers use stolen credit and debit cards to purchase. We are strictly on Cryptocurrency since is accepted worldwide and it’s the future of money and it does avoid charges, also we accept UK online bank transfers, Amazon gift cards, and Western Union.

Do you deliver weed to hotels?

Hell yeah! If you order weed online UK With Us, be sure to give us the hotel name and where you would like to meet your weed delivery driver.

Do you have a marijuana dispensary store?

We do not currently have a weed dispensary store that is open to the public. We are a mobile marijuana delivery dispensary only. You can order weed directly from the website, or give us a call to place a marijuana order over the phone.

I just sent in my new marijuana customer details, when can I start ordering weed?

Once you submit your new marijuana customer details you can start ordering weed immediately.

Do you ship weed products to other cities?

Yes, We ship weed to all states and all cities in England, feel free to place your order.,

When will I receive my weed delivery order?

We deliver weed to any location in England, usually within a 24hrs

My cannabis vape cartridge isn’t working, what do I do?

Check these items first:

1) Make sure your battery is fully charged.
2) Make sure your battery has enough voltage to heat up your vape cartridge.
3) Check to see if your cartridge is twisted on too tight or too loose.
4) Examine your cartridge and remove anything blocking the mouthpiece.

If you followed all of these steps and the weed cartridge you purchased from us is still not working, give us a call!


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